Front Brake Cooling Ducts - GR Yaris

Pre order is now open. Ducts will begin shipping early June 2024. Design may vary slightly from pictures.

Introducing these 3D-printed front brake ducts engineered specifically for the Toyota GR Yaris, crafted to enhance the driving experience, particularly for those pushing the limits on the track.

Their primary function is to efficiently cool down the brakes by channeling air precisely where it's needed most, crucial for averting brake fade during prolonged and intense driving sessions. Moreover, these ducts boast a hassle-free installation process, requiring no alterations to the car's bodywork.

With a focus on performance and safety, these front brake ducts prove to be a valuable addition for enthusiasts seeking to elevate their track performance or indulge in spirited road driving.


Please note: Designed to fit UK Circuit pack cars. Non-circuit pack cars will require the fitting of the bumper to inner arch feed (available from Toyota).